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Who We are

Founded in 2017, Nasya is on a worldwide mission to bring innovative, chic apparel and jewelry that pushes the envelope to every fashionista, while empowering those who help bring such bold designs to life.  

Inspired by global trends, embroidery trims and artistry, we strive to create pieces that embody luxury, comfort and uniquely crafted elements. 

Whether you're on the hunt for a casual peplum work dress, sexy crop top and skirt set or an eye catching bracelet, Nasya is here for all your slay worthy needs.  

The Nasya Difference:


We are extremely committed to ensuring each and every one of our fabrics that we use makes sure every dress feels incredible on and off. 

Our key words when fabric hunting are breathable, soft, airy and easily cared for and it is just what you can expect with our pieces. We always make an extra effort to try, test and ensure our dresses, tops, skirts and jewelry are as comfortable as you need and love them to be. 


You can always expect our products to make you feel as luxurious as ever. From the way they are created, designed and put together, you'll always feel like you just walked off the runway of your favorite city in your Nasya apparel and jewelry.  

Artisan Collaboration

With many of our products, we aim to collaborate with artisans all over India capturing a diverse set of art forms. Through our small but hard working artisan network, we have incorporated hand crafted lace, hand painted work and Lac bracelets that shine from every angle.  

It is our goal to partner with artisans who we can empower through showcasing their work, paying sustainable and fair wages and creating an appreciation for their one of a kind art.


Without compromising on luxury, comfort or style, we believe in having it all. 

Nasya has a commitment to create and sustain products that are accessible and fair.